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Kristina Kindree

President - Kristina Kindree

I grew up in Thailand, and lived there until my early 20s before moving to Australia....

Candy Weisner

Vice President - Candy Weisner

I’m an old-time Cochranite, moving here on Canada Day 2000 with my husband....

Jamine Souza

Treasurer - Jamine Souza

I immigrated from Brazil to Canada in 2015 with my husband and three daughters....

Catherine Legary

Secretary - Catherine Legary

Aside from a couple of years in Calgary, I have lived in Cochrane in Treaty 7....

Jessica Ingard

Board Director - Jessica Ingard

I was born in Lima, Perú, and moved to Ontario, Canada in 1998. I am a....

Paul Singh

Board Director - Paul Singh

I came to Canada in December 2011. I graduated from Humber college in....

Caroline Barclay

Board Director - Caroline Barclay

As an immigrant myself from the Philippines in this beautiful country I....

Jaya Dixit

Board Director - Jaya Dixit

I am a proud daughter of Indian immigrants, who moved to Canada in....

Fleeha Ahmad

CCIS/RVIS Partner - Fleeha AHmad

Originally from Montreal, I moved to Calgary in 2007. Eventually in 2010, I....

Karlene Myers

Ambassador - Karlene Myers

An immigrant from the glorious Caribbean country of Jamaica, I moved....

Edwin Aguanta

Ambassador - Edwin Aguanta

I’ve been living in Cochrane with my family for more than 10 years. Within....

William Hawkins

Ambassador - William Hawkins

Originally from the tobacco fields of S. Ontario, I retired to Cochrane late....

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